pencil drawing - artist archives
pencil drawing - artist archives



I studied Visual Arts in Quebec from the late sixties to the early seventies at a time when the School of Fine Arts became the Faculty of Visual Arts at Laval University.  After my studies, I taught Art in high school for a short period of time as I wasn’t enough passionate for teaching.  On the other hand, I did not possess the necessary basic requirements for undertaking a career in Visual Arts.  That is when I upgraded my skills in graphic design that would allow me to provide for my family, while pursuing a career close to my reality in graphic art, illustration and communication.   


The nature of the work also allowed me to stay in touch with the world of Visual Arts and creation.  For more than two years, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at the University of Sherbrooke and in an advertising agency.  I then started my own graphic design agency where I worked until 2008. During all these years, on several occasions, I failed trying to work and paint at the same time – I was unable to combine my work as an artist painter with any other activities, as I do not consider painting a hobby, it is the most demanding and challenging indivisible work during which nothing else exists. 


Needless to say that painting has never left me – our true calling eventually catches up to us.  Thus, in the spring of 2008, I’ve   decided to bravely follow my true bliss and be an artist painter, despite the emotional, technical and financial impact this decision would entail.


To this day, I paint and draw devotedly and passionately.  I am happy to be back home. Henry Miller once wrote: “To paint is to love again.”  This quote is profoundly significant to me.




1969-1973 (School of Fine Art, University Laval, Quebec)

1974-1975: Substitution in arts, secondary
1976: Development Graphic Design, Graphic Art School Sherbrooke
1977-78: Graphic designer, illustrator at the audio-visual center of the Sherbrooke University
1978-1980: Graphic Designer and Illustrator for advertising agency Everest (Montreal and Sherbrooke)
1980: Creation of a communication, graphic design and illustration in Sherbrooke. Pierre Morin, President
1994: Creation of office of marketing communications, graphic design, illustration and new media in Montreal. Pierre Morin, President
2007: Opening of the paint shop in Lachine (professional practice of painting)
2009: Opening of the workshop painting Varennes (professional practice of painting)
2012: Training Workshops peuinture private / groups
2012: Vice-President of the Institute of Figurative Arts - IAF
2012: Member of the Board of the Cultural Committee of the town of Varennes

Drawing - Mine et sanguine- archive Morin 1974
Drawing - Mine et sanguine- archive Morin 1974